Tournament Rules

Arrival/Game Time: Each team should arrive at least 20 minutes before scheduled game time. If the court is available, games may begin up to 10 minutes before scheduled time at site supervisor’s discretion only. Teams will be given a FIVE minute grace period (grace period begins at the later of scheduled game time or conclusion of three minute warm up) to produce five players to begin a game. After that, it is a forfeit.

Admission: Only THREE coaches per team (MUST be employed [paid or unpaid] by member school) are permitted free entry. All others must purchase a daily or weekend admission pass.

Coach/Team Check-In: All coaches must check-in in person with photo ID in order to receive credentials. Only coaches with proper credentials will be allowed on the bench. All others must purchase a spectator admission pass. Coaches must be listed on the Exposure roster in advance.

Roster: Players must be added to the roster PRIOR to a team’s first game in order to be eligible to participate. No player(s) may be added to rosters after a team’s first game has started.

Pre-game warm-up: Warm-up will be a minimum of THREE minutes, and will be more only if time allows.

Halftime: Halftime will be THREE minutes, and may be shortened at the tournament director’s discretion.

Two halves: Varsity divisions will play 15-minute halves. Freshman/Sophomore divisions will play 14-minute halves. The clock will stop on all dead balls, unless a team is up by 30 in the second half

Overtime: First overtime will be two minutes, with the clock stopping on all dead balls. Second overtime will be sudden death. Any point (FT or FG) wins the game during the second OT.

Bonus: One-and-one bonus will be shot on the 7th team foul. Double bonus will be shot after 10 team fouls.

Timeouts: There will be two, 30-second time outs per half, which do not carry over from half to half. There will be one, 30-second time-out per overtime, which does not carry over from overtime to overtime.

30-Point Lead: If a team is down by 30 or more points in the second half ONLY, the clock will not stop (except for timeouts and injuries). Once a 30-point margin has been reached in the 2nd half, the clock will run even if the lead goes back below 30.

Technical Foul: Technical fouls will result in an automatic two points and the ball for the opposing team.

Forfeit Rule: Forfeits will be recorded as 15-0.

Seeding Criteria: Seeding is based on the following criteria, in the order shown:

  1. Win/Loss Record; 
  2. Head to Head Competition;
  3. Point Differential (Maximum of +15 and -15 per game…applies to pool games only) 
  4. Defensive points allowed in pool games only; 
  5. Offensive points scored in pool games only; 
  6. Coin Flip. 

Additional Rules: In addition to the rules listed on this document, games will be governed by NFHS/IHSA rules. The tournament director reserves the right to make rulings in the greater interest of the tournament if necessary. Those rulings are final.